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About the Program

In the past decades, Data Journalism has gained a lot of attraction. And in particular in times of Covid-19, the ability to tell stories with numbers has become more important than ever. 

But how exactly do we find the hidden story within the data? How do we gather, analyze and visualize large amounts of data in order to communicate it to our audience? And what ethical questions and data pitfalls do we have to keep in mind?

We would like to show you.

"Join us for a 12 week interactive program, tailored to your individual learning needs!"

Program Structure

The program is designed for volunteers, permanent and freelancing journalists as well as anyone, who is interested in Data Journalism. Learning time per week will be approximately 2-3 hours - since you decide when to take those hours, it is easily compatible with a full-time job.

The program is structured into a theoretical & a practical part, which take place in parallel. During the 12 weeks, you are always accompanied by our mentors.

January 19th: Kick-Off (2.5h)

Welcome-Workshop & Access to the edyoucated Platform.

February 18th: Project Kick-Off (2.5h)

Joined Project-Workshop, Start of Project-Phase.

April 13th: Project Demo-Day (2.5h)

Presentation of Projects + Handover of Certificates.

Week 1-5

Online learning with personalized learning path, continuous access to mentors. 

Week 5-12

Online learning with personalized learning path, continuous access to mentors. Working on group projects.

Program Cost: 290 EUR

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Program Content

What exactly will you learn in the Academy?

We want to enable you to comfortably work with data of any size. The amount of interesting and untold stories arising from data is enormous and we would like to help you gain the skills to unlock them. You will learn how to handle, clean, combine, aggregate and analyze your data in order to find the insights you are looking for. Equally important is the capability to visualize those insights. So you will learn how to prepare and transport the the data insights within your stories, empowering your audience to understand your message more easily.

To show you how such a visualization could look like we took some data from worldometer and the RKI, and used Google Sheets to clean, aggregate and visualize this data. The result can be found below. Sounds fairly easy and looks pretty cool as well, right? Give yourself about 12 weeks in our program and you'll be able to create graphics like this (almost) in your sleep!

Graphic includes cases until November 10th, 2020

Topics that we will cover

You can choose between two different learning path versions: a low code and a "more" code one. Depending on your particular interest in programming you have the choice to either dive deeper into data wrangling with the state-of-the-art programming language Python or use the power of spreadsheets in order to transform your data to your liking. Of course, you can also do both!

Low Code Option

  • Introduction to Data-Journalism
  • Gathering Data
  • Working with Google Spreadsheets
  • Data Visualization with Spreadsheets
  • Storytelling with Data
  • Critical Thinking & Ethical Questions
  • Best Practices & Data Pitfalls

Code Option

  • Introduction to Data Journalism
  • Gathering Data
  • Working with Python + Pandas
  • Data Visualization with Python Matplotlib
  • Process Automation with Python
  • Storytelling with Data
  • Critical Thinking & Ethical Questions
  • Best Practices & Data Pitfalls

Additionally, you will learn how to dive into all kinds of data visualization possibilities in the low code environment Datawrapper.

Program Mentors

So who will not only be your program host but also your continuous companion? We are! 

We are edyoucated, an innovative education-technology company, that thrives to revolutionize the way we learn. We use artificial intelligence to personalize learning paths based on prior knowledge, learning style and learning goals. And since we've developed multiple data learning paths over the years, we would love for you to benefit from our experience. That is why two of our very own will be with you every step of the way.

Co-Founder & Managing Director

David is an expert for topics on the interface of digital products and data analysis, blending experience in (rapid) prototyping, product management, and advanced data analysis. He co-founded edyoucated and priorly founded the non-profit learning accelerator TechLabs, teaching >1000 people tech skills for free.

Data Scientist & Learning Strategist

Julian has a strong expertise with teaching technical concepts to a variety of different audiences. As a learned Mathematician, he teaches part-time as a lecturer for hundreds of students at the University of Applied Sciences in Münster and has been a project manager for various large data analysis projects.

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Do I need to have any prior knowledge?

No, you don't. But you totally can! Our AI-based learning platform tailors every single learning path towards you and your individual prior knowledge. 

How does the referral system work?

Simply enter the name of the  person that you want to refer. Once he or she signs up as well, you will automatically get an invoice with a 10% discount.

Can I refer more than one person?

You totally can! However we are only able to give you a 10% discount once.

I forgot to refer a person. What now?

You can also refer someone after you registered. Simply send us an email to "" with the name of that person. But remember: you need to refer him/her before they register.

How does the project phase work?

You can work on your own project idea or join the idea of someone else. Detailed information about the projects will follow via mail upon registration. 

Do I have work in Journalism to participate?

Not necessarily, no. The academy is open for everyone that is interested in learning about analyzing, visualizing and communicating data.

How and when do I pay?

To give you the possibility of earning a discount from a referred person, we will send out the invoices with the concrete payment amount in early January. Payment will be due once the program starts.

Do I need to be present in every workshop?

We would highly recommend that, yes.

I am working full-time. Can I participate?

Yes, you totally can! You can decide for yourself when you work through the online materials. Only the three 2.5h workshops are on fixed dates but it's absolutely no problem, in case you are not able to join one of them.

Will the bootcamp be in English or German?

While the learning material will mostly be in English, we can offer mentoring and workshops in German. :) 

Additional questions?

Anything left that you just need to know before registering?

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